Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How fast can you deliver to California locations?
A. Los Angeles Caskets has several delivery options available. Qualifying orders are eligible for same day service. We also offer expedited next day shipping service and longer range options. We offer the fastest casket delivery service available in California because we are located here. For complete information, please visit our Shipping Page.

Q. What are your service guarantees?
A. We promise all of our customers the following:
·    Low casket prices and outstanding value.
·    Fast delivery and on-time arrival.
·    Dedicated service support to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Q. How does Los Angeles Caskets ship orders?
A. Depending on location, shipping could be via air or ground service (freight or courier). For your convenience, we can coordinate all shipping details with the funeral home. Packaging includes heavy-duty cardboard and styrofoam inserts.

Q. Do low casket prices mean diminished quality?
A. No.  We have special deals in place with a number of outstanding casket and funeral product manufacturers that provide us with discounted prices. Additionally, by focusing only on providing service to California we are able to reduce our storage and shipping expenses. We pass these savings on to you, without any sacrifice in quality.

Q. Can I arrange pickup from your storage location?
A. Yes. Please contact us directly for special pickup requests.

Q. What types of payment do you accept?
A. We accept several types of payment, including all major credit cards, debit cards, bank wire, personal checks, money orders, or online payment via PayPal.  Please visit our Payment Information Page for additional information.

Q. After ordering, what if I change my mind?
A. You can review your order and make changes at any point prior to shipping confirmation. Subsequent to that, cancellations require a 30% restocking fee in addition to shipping costs.

Q. What do you need from me after I order?
A. We make every effort to relieve you of logistics burdens – we know you probably have a lot on your mind. Los Angeles Caskets can handle all details of shipping, delivery, and setup. We can coordinate with the funeral home where necessary. If you have any other questions or needs, our support personnel are just a phone call or an email away.

Q. Why is a GPL so important?

A. A ‘General Price List’ tells you exactly what a funeral home is charging you for services and products. A funeral home must provide you with a GPL, per the Funeral Rule. You can compare prices, eliminate services you do not want, and control your costs.

Q. What if my funeral home tells me it will not accept a casket from an outside vendor?

A. This is illegal – the Funeral Rules stipulate that every funeral home must accept caskets and funeral products from an outside vendor. Additionally, they are not allowed to charge extra fees for use of a casket from another vendor.  A casket purchased from Los Angeles Caskets can be used at any funeral home.

Q. How big is a typical casket?
A. The exterior measurements of the most common size for a casket are about 24″ deep, 27-1/2″ to 30-1/2″ wide, and 81″ in length. We also offer smaller and over-sized caskets for sale.

Q. What other funeral products do you offer?
A. In addition to regular caskets, we also offer cremation caskets and funeral flowers. For complete details, please see our Products Page.

Q. How do I get in touch with a Los Angeles Caskets customer service agent?
A. We are on duty and available to help 24-hours a day.  For assistance, please email us directly, or call [insert phone number] and we will have someone available to help you as soon as possible.

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